How to Keep Your Bedroom Cool in a Heatwave

The summer is officially in full swing, bringing with it plenty of lazy afternoons in the sunshine and light, breezy evenings after work. But for some of us, it also brings a swelteringly hot bedroom which can be super tricky to sleep in! As the UK is not well-equipped for heat with air conditioning units, there are a few other tricks we need to try to keep our rooms cool enough to sleep. 

First things first – block the sunlight from coming into the room during the day. Whether you have curtains, blinds or shutters, resist the urge to open them in the morning and keep them closed throughout the day. This will block out a lot of the heat and prevent the sun from warming up the room. 

While it might be tempting to keep the windows open all day long, this can also let in a lot of heat. Be strategic with opening the windows, such as first thing in the morning when the air is fresh and cool and keep them closed as soon as the temperature starts rising. 

Air conditioning units are perfect for providing respite from the heat, but instead of spending out lots of money to have one installed, pick up a desktop fan and keep it next to the bed instead. For an even cooler upgrade, place a bowl of ice in front of the fan and relax in the refreshing breeze. 

The heat can often bring dry air with it, leading to sore throats, dry eyes and dehydrated skin. If you find you’re waking up thirsty, perhaps it’s time to invest in a humidifier for the warmer months. Not only will it add much needed moisture o the air, but the cooling mist is a great way to keep the room at a lower temperature. 

It might sound obvious, but now is not the time to be using a duvet or blankets! Prepare the bed with cotton sheets so that you don’t get tangled up in thick blankets and become overheated during the night. Another tip is to put your sheets into the freezer for a few hours before bedtime, this should keep them cool enough for as long as it takes for you to nod off to sleep. 

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